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Our Signature Face & Body butter & Cocoa Shea+ Face & Body Butter. Zero heat process, no chemicals, no preservatives, cold pressed, 100% unrefined.. 10000% quality every time. The beauty of this type of non processing is that every single batch has a truly DIFFERENT texture, always the same process and same ingredients but because we NEVER heat or compromise the Shea this means we can get Shea grains, Shea chunks and all kinds of natural things occur.. but that's what we always prefer because we don't want to lose any VITAMINS & MINERALS from the Shea melting and heating means you lose vitamin & mineral value but you can get an even texture every time... We don't worry about texture we worry about the results & benefits each batch has. To get a desirable texture we whip whip whip... 100% hand made every time, hand packaged and 100% unrefined, gluten free, Vegan, All natural, Organic, Fair trade, cold process. 100% REAL.




Use on both your face & body for best results. Our customers love to use it as a night cream all over their face, the dry oils penetrate instantly into the pores leaving your skin totally moisturized without any greasy residue. Acne prone? This will not cause breakouts, it will actually prevent them. The dry oils and Shea combination work in harmony not clogging the pores, allowing air flow into the pores yet still giving you that fresh dewy youthful look and feeling. After you hop out of the shower your pores are wide open this is the best time to moisturize apply Tru-Green all over and enjoy beautiful skin all day. In only a few days you will notice your skin has improved immensely.




Fair-trade African shea butter, Rose hip oil, Aloe Vera oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Coffee oil, Vitamin E, Lavender oil




Wrinkle reduction/prevention, cellulite reduction, stretch mark prevention/reduction, scar reduction/prevention, natural sun protection, skin regeneration, good for those who suffer with eczema, firms skin, helps aid dark marks and skin discolouration, reducing black heads, soothes bug bites including bee stings, soothes sun burnt skin. Leaves skin moisturized all day, very gentle for those who have sensitive skin, good for all skin types.


*Ingredients are not in a specific order. All oils are cold-pressed.

Signature Face & Body Butter

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